Sunday, 20 January 2008


This week sees the start of the Parliamentary debate on the EU reform treaty, it seems that Gordon Brown is going to try and divide the Conservatives to distract attention from his own perfidy.

Even the Labour dominated foreign affairs committee has accused ministers of deliberately playing down the consequences of the treaty. Their report concludes there is no difference between the foreign policy provisions in the rejected European constitution and those in the new EU Reform Treaty (Sunday Telegraph). The I Want A Referendum campaign are planning to poll half a million people in marginal constituencies, the results will make interesting reading.


Womble On Tour said...

I think we have to be a little careful here. Whilst I applaud the initiative to raise consciousness of the referendum issue, the results (or at least the scale of the "victory") has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

You're much more likely to take part in this voting exercise if you want a referendum than you are if you don't. If you don't want a referendum because you don't think it's necessary or because you couldn't give a monkey's either way then you're hardly going to go to the trouble of voting in something like this.

So whilst it in no way invalidates the call for a national referendum, we shouldn't kids orselves that the results we're getting are representative of the public's mood. Actually, the public's mood appears to be "Yes, we kind if think thatthere really should be a referendum but hey this is all a bit anal and we don't quite know what it's all about so we're not going to lose sleep over it".

Which is, of course what the government's counting on and exactly why the I Want A Referendum campaign is important. Just don't see these results as the wholly representative, that's all !

Mrs Smallprint said...

You're quite right that the more interested are more likely to vote. However I think that the results are more representative of the mood in rural areas than you might realise.

Either way I think we have been treated shoddily by both Labour and the Lib dems, both parties promised a referendum in their manifesto's and both are wriggling out of it on a technicality.

Much more important than the parish polls will be those of the much larger poll I mentioned in the post.

Newmania said...

I bhave dealt with what Womble says on HG today I think it s bit more complex than that.

I shall be watching you Mrs. SP

Littlelou said...

I like Gordon Brown

Phil A said...

No matter what we do, or do not, want. No matter what New labour promised in order to sucker people into voting for them.
Gordon Brown is going to force the Lisbon 'treaty' Constitution down our throats.

He is giving away the votors rights that he was only borrowing on trust.

he is being dishonest. he is assuming rights of ownership over something that is not his to do so. That is theft.

Question - So what is the point of Parliament once he has done so?

anthonynorth said...

It's all irrelevant, really. Democracy has been suspended in all but name.
Replaced by an EU constitution, in all but name.

Anonymous said...

As a Shaldon resident, I have to tell you the Parish Council chairman (not UKIP or CARP) put the wrong question (as is his role under the Act). The Returning Officer was powerless to change the mistake so the village voted on the wrong issue!

Anonymous said...


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