Sunday, 13 January 2008


David Cameron gave an assured performance on this morning's Andrew Marr programme. He said the Conservatives will continue to press for the referendum promised by Gordon Brown but shamefully withdrawn.


Scroblene said...

Sorry I missed this one Mrs S!

Did Marr give him an easy ride?

Mrs Smallprint said...

Hi Scroblene

Yes, surprisingly so. He did try and throw in a comment about the Conservatives returning to their nasty party selves at the end but it sounded very lame, as though he suddenly realised he'd fallen under a spell and had to say something hard hitting.

Happy days

Mrs S. (aka Typolene)

Womble On Tour said...

Powerful video !

Newmania said...

I have arguing about this with Cicero thinks who says Cameron who stop pretending we can reform the EU and admit its a binary choice .

A dangerous line to take

Ed said...

Of course we can renegotiate. The "British" view is shared by many in Europe.

Mrs Smallprint said...

Mr N.

I have trundled over and left my two penneth.


I agree, if we are allowed a vote and we vote no, there will be no option but to renegotiate. Trouble is I don't trust any of our politicians with the renegotiations.

Newmania said...

Ho ho I enjoyed that Mrs S