Wednesday, 5 March 2008


The year is 2020.

David puts down his papers and sighs, why oh why didn't I bite the bullet and tackle the problem in 2009. He glances at his screen, the news in on, pictures of Euro cops dragging protesters into vans flash up. Christ what a mess. Little Englanders want England back and the trouble is getting out is much harder than getting in. Damn Gordon Brown for his lies, at least he's stuck back in Scotland struggling with the same riots and with even less prospect of banishing the Eurocrats.

The question is sanction the plan, allow the army to take out the Eurocops and risk an all ports blockade by the Euro army or allow English protesters to be dragged off to jail in Brussels. Not much of a choice really but then we never really thought it would come to this.

FAR FETCHED, AN EXAGGERATION, MAYBE BUT I BELIEVE THIS IS THE COURSE GORDON BROWN HAS SET US ON. I truly hope that David Cameron won't duck the issue when he wins the next election.

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