Thursday, 17 January 2008


Is the failure of politicians to understand and follow the law relating to political funding symptomatic of a wider problem faced by the whole population relating to the massive increase in new criminal offences introduced since New Labour came to power?


anthonynorth said...

This assumes they HAVE failed to understand. And if so, then what chance of any of use being 'law abiding' if those who read gobbledegook all the time can't understand it?
As for those laws, I suspect we must all break so many every day. Is this evidence of a law-breaking society, or society-hating government?
The latter, I'd say.

Mrs Smallprint said...

I am being a little generous with some politicians maybe but I think that the vast quantity of new law being churned out is turning all of us into criminals. Ignorance of the law is supposedly no excuse but with its ever increasing complexity and seemingly arbitary application what hope is there.

Phil A said...

Then there are all those duplicate laws like not just treading on the cracks in the pavement. But aggravating it by wearing pink socks.

As if it is somehow so much better to have the living daylights kicked out of you by a retarded thug if he is doing it because he didn’t like the way you looked at him, as opposed to because he didn’t like your exact skin tone.

If you are on the receiving end of unprovoked violence then frankly it needs to be addressed equally seriously and punished equally seriously - whatever the reason.

Much of the raft of legislation is little more than smoke and mirrors to give the impression there is an actual point to this government. The rest is to control us in some way, or to tax us.

Mrs Smallprint said...

So very true Phil.

You have conjured up an interesting vision of someone in pink socks hopscotching down the road persued by half a dozen police persons.

Joking aside I just wish the government would buckle down to enforcing the laws we have, instead of enacting more, consulting, reviewing or any of the other pseudonyms for doing nothing.

Mrs S.