Thursday, 10 January 2008


The French is seems are rather scandalized by their Presidents behaviour, not because he is cavorting with a beautiful woman (that is of course to be expected and encouraged) but because he didn't stay decently married and have an affair (openly behind closed doors). It is strange but true that if the same situation arose in this country the opposite would be true.


Newmania said...

I noticed that Mrs SP and she is lovely did you see the quote i had from the Sark on my blog..I `ll go and get it

Newmania said...

Nicolas Sarkozy, currently squiring the mouth-watering ex model Carla Bruni around the sights of Egypt , has been under pressure about his disgraceful penchant for beautiful women .His reply displays what I believe they call ‘panache’ ..
“ For 12 years they were used to having granny and grandpa ( Jacques Chirac and his wife Estelle) at the Elysee. I have new style. Everyone is going to have to adapt . Now the French have a real man at the Elysee who has balls and uses them”
(Canard Enchaine )
Well my jaw dropped , can you imagine we that listless cadaver Brown saying such a thing , or , to be fair, any British Prime minister ? Still with Palmerston and Lloyd George in the back catalogue whilst we may not talk the talk we certainly walk the walk

Terrible Tory Girl said...

According to my trustee paper, Sosexy has managed to get his wife-to-be knocked up.

Cecilia seems to be just a tad infuriated with her ex, calling his female associates 'a bunch of slappers.'

Ah the French - they do struggle to keep it in their pantalons.

Mrs Smallprint said...

Hi Mr N.

I love the quote somehow I can't imagine John Major coming out with it. Men in France are not afraid to meet your eye when they check you out (or woman for that fact - I have intercepted smiles directed at my nearest and dearest)!

Hi T T G

It was very bad planning of Cecilia to be chummy with a journalist, bound to end in tears.