Monday, 31 December 2007


Below as a couple of my Mother's poems from her blog Dinosaurs etc. - link on my blogs list.


Cherie was a nifty witch and Tony was impressed,
Her broomstick came from Hogwarts she'd pinched it she confessed.
She said "Tony it's a cheap way to get from place to place
and it's really rather thrilling when the wind is in your face."
Her name was Cherie and she rode the fastest broomstick in the West.

She said "everyone's complaining about the costly jet,
The ozone layer is vanishing and Gordons quite upset.
We have to do something about our travel costs,
If we don't you know what! the next elections lost."
Her name was Cherie and she rode the fastest broomstick in the West.

Now Cherie couldn't get Tone a magic broomstick so!
She went to a local store to get one she could tow.
But when she told Tony what she had in mind
He nearly went ballistic he thought her so unkind.
Her name was Cherie and she rode the fastest broomstick in the West.

Tony was so angry he said" I don't want to cause a rift
But I think I'll go to Two Jags he'll give me a lift.
I don't think I'm ready yet, I don't want to learn to fly,
I don't want to join Wilson at that party in the sky.
Not even for you Cherie on your fastest broomstick in the West.

Jill West.

Retirement and getting ready for the American tour.

Tony said "all my packing's finished I've got all that I need,
Socks and suits and shirts and such and something good to read.
I hope you've kept your load light Cherie for I must confess,
When we get to the airport I don't want to pay excess."

Cherie said to Tony "my broomstick I must take"
And those were the words that made poor Tony quake.
She said "It's a handy form of transport, I'm 0n it in a flash,
You have to admit that I've never had a crash"

While looking at the places they shortly soon would be
he said"I would let you take it if it was up to me.
But SALEM is our first stop and to be quite fair,
If you fly in on your broomstick there'll be a riot there.

Jill West.


Newmania said...

I may cry. Mrs. SP beats TS Elliot into a cocked hat thats for sure.

Cherie was a gargoyle with the morals of a stoat
She seemed to think that she was sweet
As sweet as Creosote
At least she gave us one good line “That’s a lie “ she squeaked
It seemed to echo in the House when Dave and Gordon meet

Thats a Lie Thats a lie that strange and eery sound
Follows every crabby sideways step iof Gordon Brown.

Hmm I`ll get my coat

Mrs Smallprint said...

Very good, I particularly like the line "sweet as creosote". Mind you after three glasses of shampoo and a roast chicken dinner I'm feeling fairly mellow.

Jill said...

newmania I write a lot of rhymes but I would never have thought of rhyming stoat with creosote. Fantastic! As another money making effort Cherie might think of selling her image to new churches to ward off evil.

Anonymous said...


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