Tuesday, 18 December 2007


It was Christmas day in the house and no MP's were there,
A vote on the EU treaty they didn't have a prayer,
So they went home to tuck into turkey with trimmings oh so festive,
Those wanting a referendum were getting oh so restive,
Democracy has gone for good if this new treaty's in,
Rip it up, throw it out, just chuck it in the bin.

Now Gordan raises up his hand, "pipe down you noisy rabble",
I can't believe he really thinks that this will cut the babble
Of voices up and down the land all linked by common cause
To force a vote on a referendum that will give a pause,
Cut back the tide of regulation that's ever flooding in,
My wish for all this Christmas time is to halt this dreadful sin.

1 comment:

Newmania said...

I think Andrew Motion may well keep the job but I like the sentiments MS