Friday, 7 December 2007


The motorist gets it in the neck again. Changes are to put before MP's allowing "civil enforcement officers" (the new name for parking attendants) to issue tickets without the need to attach them to the windscreen. It will be sufficient for them to prove they have observed the offence take place. Futher many motorists will also lose their right to an independent appeal.

Whilst I'm sure that many people 'chance their arm' on a regular basis there are many more who are ticketed unfairly, tipping the balance further towards big brotherdom seems like the short route to a quasi police state. Even the new name makes them sound like policemen. Why not just call them the parking police?

The government and the local councils already treat the motorist as the ultimate 'cash cow' this is just one way to get more milk.

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Neil Herron said...

We were aware and have objected to this in the consultation on the Traffic Management Act.
If implemented, it will lead to wholesale abuse of the motorist at an even greater level than there is currently.
Neil H