Wednesday, 26 December 2007


I thought that I would wander over to the EU website to see what they are planning to interfere with next. They have been asking for readers views on the level of physical activity required by children in schools. Whilst this is a most important topic is it really something we want to have the E U directing us on? Click here for more.

It is obvious to me that the grand plan is for all legislation to emanate from this democratically deficient institution in the future. We need a referendum now before our Parliament becomes a total E U voting shop.


Newmania said...

I don`t know about you but I feel as if the country has been quietly invaded.
You appreciate the reason Brown was late for the signing was he could not be pictured singing the anthem that does not exist under the flag that doesn`t exist.

How the Liberal Party can be so keen defeats me..andI know not all are

Charlie dog said...
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Mrs Smallprint said...

Well at least there's still hope. I didn't start this blog as a rant against the EU, but it's made me realise just how strongly I feel about the stealthy takeover of our lives by unelected officials. Our elected officials once in power all seem to be seduced by being at the top table. They talk the talk but do nothing to stop the power grabbing creep.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

"democratically deficient"

at the very least. No Referendum, just unilateral withdrawal. Trouble is we'll need the French and Germans to do the same.

I fear that the UK economy couldn't stand total isolation but let's have the Common Market back

Mrs Smallprint said...

I don't swallow the doom mongers line that we couldn't survive outside the EU, besides which they sell us more than we sell them, plus we pay in a whopping contribution. So who's the loser?

Also we would get our fish back and be able to have sensible agricultural policies. Sounds good to me.