Wednesday, 12 December 2007


I watched with delight the change of culture at Rotherham General hospital since Gerry Robinson's last visit. The staff and chief executive really did seem to have taken on board his comments and resolved many of the problems he highlighted on his last visit. Interestingly I think the participants had learnt a lot by seeing themselves through their colleagues eyes, particularly amusing was the consultant who had had a t'shirt printed with the slogan "how ? old am I today".

However and it's a HUGE however it is obvious that they are still being held back by the Governments total failure (as usual) to be able to implement an effective computer system on time (never mind on budget). The hospital held off investing in improved systems of their own on the promise of a new NHS system in 2005. This still hasn't materialised and is now predicted not to arrive until 2010! Unbelievable yes, surprising ,sadly no.

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