Sunday, 7 December 2008


I wonder what master mind thought building an enormous wind turbine only 65m from peoples' homes was a good SAFE IDEA. Unfortunately they have turned out to be incorrect and it was more luck than judgement that nobody was injured.

"The Danish government will not accept turbines being built within 600 metres of homes or businesses, and we have a turbine 65 metres from my son's home," he said. "If the ice hit someone, it would definitely kill them."

Full story here

Why do the powers that be allow commercial interests to override the safety of residents, surely common sense alone should allow a margin for error.


Womble On Tour said...

Dear Mrs Smallprint,

It has been brought to my attention that you have brought the safety of an envionmentally friendly source of energy on your blog.

This is in direct contravention of the Electronic Information Act (2008) which specifically states that anything written in electronic form must wholeheartedly and unreservedly support government policy.

Please note that you are now liable to an unlimted fine and / or ten years imprisonment, and your blog will be immediately closed down.

Love n'n kisses,
Hilary Benn
c/o The Stasi

Mrs Smallprint said...

It's a fair cop guv. - but I won't go quietly, I have a network of mates in Blogland who are also unbelievers. Even if you lock me up they will continue to question your pseudo scientific mumbo jumbo.

Respectfully yours
Mrs S.

c.c. Chief Womble