Sunday, 14 December 2008


Reading between the lines I presume the reason for all three couples going through to next weeks 'Strictly' final is the failure of the public to vote correctly. The couple with the lowest mark was obviously voted through which would have forced the judges to choose between the two couples they voted joint top. Sacre bleu, judges revolt!

Why can't anyone accept the first past the post system any more?

It seems to me that all our institutions are heading the same way, the great unwashed may only have a vote if they use it correctly. It's not good enough, when I vote I want it to count (I don't do TV votes, I just commentate). The EU's shameful behaviour over the 'Constitution by any other name' has been truely disgraceful, as of course has our own Government's by not allowing us a vote because they can't trust us to give them the right answer.


patently said...

Hmm. Interesting thought.

Surely, you could argue it both ways, though? As the first two had equal marks, they both got three points. Wotisname then only had 1 point. So whatever the public voted, he had to be in the dance-off. So, ... if the BBC noticed that the public were voting overwhelmingly for him, then the decision to let all three through might have been an effort to respect the public's view rather than suppress it.

Of course, it's all John Sargeant's fault - if he hadn't left then there would have been 4 dancers and no problem!

Mrs Smallprint said...

You might be right, perhaps I have become hyper-suspicious.....

Mrs S.