Saturday, 6 December 2008


I have tried to turn off the politics in my brain today, a tricky thing to do at the best of times. I have been out in the sunshine in the garden, cutting things back and generally tidying up. It really was a lovely day in sunny Somerset. Around lunchtime we had a brief touch of politics listening to any questions then it was over to channel four for the racing. I love jump racing and decided to venture 5 e.w. on Sunnyhill boy who squeaked in for me at 7/1 (no credit crunch here then).

Then cooking dinner while watching and criticising Strictly. One minor crisis when having wrapped the plump little partridges in pancetta I suddenly realised we had no potatoes (now Mr. S. could have done the 10 mile round trip to the supermarket at this point) but instead I improvised with a smoked almond and cranberry pilaf (yum yum). All's well that ends well, we are now tucked up with a glass of vino in front of the wood burner (Charlie is flat out on the floor fast asleep having had a 'divi' of partridge, which of course is his due).

Back on the attack tomorrow, until then Bloglanders.

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