Tuesday, 2 December 2008

A little extract for those of you who wonder why our Government are so set on the idea of hugely expensive ID cards.

"The European Commission, 13 of the 27 EU Member States (Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom) and Iceland (party to the European Economic Area agreement with the EU) will work together to enable different national Electronic Identity schemes to be recognised across national borders. The project will establish a number of trans-border pilot projects based on existing national systems. Through its size and momentum, it will overrun traditional barriers and encourage the mutual acceptance of other countries' electronic identities. The solutions developed and the experience gained by the project team will be shared with all states whether or not participating in the pilot."

Full details at the web address below.


When they have joined the dots where does that leave us. With freedom to roam Europe or spyed on by all of Europe - take your pick.


Womble On Tour said...

This is great news; it means that we can be fined in pounds AND Euros for not having our ID cards on us, or for not telling someone that we've moved, or got married, or been to the toilet or whatever else they're going to require of us.

Mrs Smallprint said...

News indeed, it's time to wake up and realise the EU isn't imposing these scheemes as the Government would like us to think, they are signing up to them in a manner that doesn't have to invove Parliament and publicity. Next step is European ID card to be carried at all times and shown to any petty official on the list (which you can guarantee will be long).

Back door unification is the name of the game, fait accompli.