Thursday, 11 December 2008


Is Carol Kirkwood for the weather forecasting high jump after breaking the BBC's goldon rule this morning?

On one of her forecasts she actually said that temperatures were still BELOW AVERAGE for the time of year. This could surely have her hauled up before the BBC thought police and accused of "Global warming denial", poor thing.

Charlie dog had one of his periodic trims yesterday, this will of course guarantee that the weather will be horrible and cold and I will be accused of poodle abuse for cutting off some of his duvet (not true as I trim with scissors not the horrible short back and sides clippers). Perhaps I should post warnings on the blog of when his trim is due so that Bloglanders know to wrap up extra warm, it would certainly be a better guide to the weather than the global warming mentalists give.

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Womble On Tour said...

Surely the weather girl mentioned a few severe weather warnings just to offset the error ?

Actually it's interesting. These days the BBC talk far less now about "global warming" and far more about "climate change". This means they can safel;y ignore the fact that the rise in global temperatures has stopped.