Friday, 31 July 2009

Why do restaurants think we like crunchy green beans?

Tonight we dined out at Jamie's restaurant in Bath - the green beans looked lovely but had barely met the steamer. The staff were very nice - they took them away and promised us more - they were the same - we laughed and enjoyed our meal. They were very nice and without prompting didn't charge us for the green beans.

BUT my question is what is it about green beans that makes chefs think we like not cooked beans? I don't want them soggy but I don't want them to make my teeth squeak as I eat them either.


John M Ward said...

Welcome back from a break of almost half a year!

I dunno about the beans: I prefer them not too well-cooked but a little less crunchy than yours were — although I am happy with well-cooked beans if that's what I am served.

Nut then, I like hard boiled eggs to have a hint of "not quite fully set" yolks, so perhaps I'm strange…

Newmania said...

I`ve been there , ages ago . Good point , its a sort of snobbery I think