Friday, 28 November 2008


Eyebrow man's brow is furrowed, making him look like he's wearing a giant black Caterpillar on his face.

"Are you sure about this Gordy? I don't think Meddlesome will like it, not really very subtle is it?"

Gordy clunks his fist and lets fly with his sporran at Eyebrow man shaving a little more off his baldy bit.

"What's the use of being a world wide super hero if you can't use your super powers to zap the dastardly Con's?

Eyebrow man knows better than to argue with Gordy and just stands dejectedly in the corner waiting for the sky to fall on his head.

Will anyone own up to authorising arresting politicians in Blogland? Will Eyebrow man escape from under the sky?

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